Timber Fencing Screens

Designed to give you privacy, without fencing you in.

For the times that we don’t need a full fence, timber screens are for you!

There are certain areas around a property that certainly don’t need to be in plain sight, but typically don’t require a full fence to conceal whatever is behind it.

Similar to a fence, a screen is designed to offer some level of privacy, but not to the extent that one might go to in order to, for example, divide a property boundary.

You’ll often see screens in places like garbage bays, postal boxes, car parks and washing line enclosures. After all, no one really wants to see a row of garbage bins or someone’s bedsheets drying.

How screens work

Structurally, screens are very similar to a fence. They often don’t need to be as robust, however they serve a slightly different purpose. Where fences are normally installed as a barrier for privacy or security, a screen is really just a visual block that partially hides what’s behind.

The palings tend to run horizontally, as opposed to a fence that’s palings will run vertically and the big difference is a screen will often have spacers in between the pailings, which make it possible to see through if you’re close enough.

Like our fences, Fine Fencing can customise your screen solution based off specific requirements, so give us a call today.