Picket Fences

Fine Fencing

On and around the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Picket Fences add street appeal to your property.

What more would you want that a white picket fence to give your property ‘curb appeal’?

It is thought that white picket fences originated from the early colonial days in America and have continued to be popular sometimes thought to symbolise the ideal middle-class suburban life.

Picket fences are popular across the world and the Northern Beaches of Sydney is no exception to this.

We offer a full range of styles of picket fences to match your property.

  • Pickets can be flat top (square), gothic, windsor, round or perhaps something different. ;
  • Your fence can be capped or be positioned on top of a plinth;
  • We offer timber posts (chauffeured or pyramid) or galvanised steel;
  • Picket width can vary in width – 66mm and 90mm being the most popular choices; and
  • Different spacing can add different looks to your fence.

Whilst the choice can feel over whelming we’re happy to make some recommendations or a wander of your local area and the internet can give you ideas.

Most of our picket fences are made from treated pine that is ‘dressed and primed’ ready for painting. If you like we can paint the fence in your choice of colour as well.


The height of standard timber fences varies from property to property, however, typically, they’ll come at heights of 1200mm and 1500mm.

Of course, if you require a customised solution, then that is fine also. It really depends on what you require.  We often build picket fences on and around brick walls or pillars and can provide gates in all dimensions to match.