Retaining walls for Northern Beaches homes

For the beautiful fence that needs a shoulder to stand on.

Retaining walls – more than meets the eye

Sometimes a fence is more than just a fence. There are some scenarios that require your fence to…need a little help from a retaining wall.

Living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and anywhere in Sydney for that matter, it’s very that due to the topography of the land, your property may be on a different level than your neighbours.

Sloping and graded landscapes will often be levelled out to entertain a more practical foundation for building on and to enjoy once built. When that happens, it leads to variables in the landscape that need to be made up somehow.

Retaining walls are designed to deliver an aesthetic and functional solution to this scenario. They can be as large as necessary and they can be made from different material to suit structural, or visual finishes. Brick, block, stone, timber, concrete, you name it.

As we said above, there is more to a retaining wall than meets the eye, which it’s paramount that you deal with Fine Fencing to make sure that the solution you’re getting, ticks all of the boxes.

Things like foundations, the slope of the land and water runoff are some of the things that need to be considered when building a retaining wall. Without careful planning and execution, your retaining wall could become a retaining pile of rocks.

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We have a solution for you – retaining walls are part of our bread and butter – most often built out of treated pine sleepers with appropriate drainage solutions added but we can arrange for brick and other types of retaining walls.