Narraweena Fencing Restoration – Sydney, Northern Beaches

Project Brief for this Narraweena fencing restoration project

Northern Beaches resident Mel chose Fine Fencing NSW to take on the project of restoring the decorative Narraweena fencing project in the front yard of her Narraweena property.

The formerly aesthetically pleasing fence was decaying and falling apart. An ageing fence is not only an eyesore, it can also be a safety and privacy concern.

Mel was on the lookout for a timber fencing specialist who could rebuild a decaying fence in exactly the same look and style.

Fine Fencing’s approach

Fine Fencing NSW is the perfect match for a decorative timber fencing restoration job. We advise our clients on the best materials and methods for timber fencing, and we’re passionate about the finishing touches.

Mel wanted her decorative timber fence fully restored to its former glory.

This meant we had to ensure that the fence retained its palings with tulip cutouts, to match the decorative wood facades on the house.

The client was very particular about her specifications and wanted her fence restored by someone with an eye for detail.

Obstacles we overcame on this restoration

Restoring a fence with decorative details demands more craftsmanship and attention to detail than a standard fence.

The tulip palings had to be custom made to order.

Using a pre-existing paling as a sample, our team researched where we could recreate the original floral cutout to the high quality we knew the customer demanded.

We found the right timber supplier who was able to quickly and easily provide precision-perfect replicas of the original tulip cutout palings.

In addition to the structural details of the fence, we also took care of the paintwork by painting the fence to the customer’s specific colour choices to match the property.

The final result

Within one week the Fine Fencing team transformed the old tired looking fence in the front yard of the Narraweena home into a fence that looks as good as new.

The decorative tulip cutout palings were replaced to seamlessly fit in with the original ones.

The new coat of paint that we applied to the fence was also very effective in giving the fence a fresh new look.

The Narraweena fencing restoration job was a resounding success. The client was happy with the result and the new fence greatly enhanced the street appeal of the property.



Home Owner

The team at Fine Fencing did an incredible job of restoring our lovely old fence at our property in Narraweena. It came up as good as new, I couldn’t be happier.


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